Hyper White reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice.

By ordering any Hyper White service, the Client agrees to be bound by Hyper White terms and conditions.

Hyper White has a public and employer's liability insurance. We are officially registered with company number 020 3677 5447.

  • → As a client, you have to accept and understand that poorly provided service, damage or theft must be reported straight after the completion of the procedure. If you fail to do so, we keep our right not to consider customer's claims. The only service that has a guarantee of 48 hours after its completion is the End of Tenancy Cleaning.
  • → In order to inspect the cleaning process and make any remarks as needed, our company advises the Client or his/ her representative to be present (or at least at the end of the session) so any corrections can be made on the same day before the completion of the service.
  • → Our company will repair items at their cost in case of damage. If by any case, we can't repair the Client`s belonging, we will rectify the issue by crediting him/ her with the item`s present cash value. Have in mind that all highly breakable and fragile items must be secured or if possible removed. Items that are excluded from liability are: jewellery, cash, art, antiques and items of sentimental value. In case the removal of fragile items is not possible, the Client must inform our cleaning team about them.
  • → Our company`s insurance does not include anything that may stop working or break down at any time such as: washing machine, dishwasher, cookers, refrigerators, or any bathroom appliances or fixture of which the Client is already aware. He/ She is obliged to warn our cleaning team/ company about appliances that are not in full working order or are poorly fixed.
  • → Payment is requested on the day of completion of the service. We take payments by cash, cheque or by bank transfer (in advance only).
  • → Cancellation by the Client – Dear Customer, you have the right to cancel or reschedule the cleaning session up to 24 hours prior to the agreed start time. If the service is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the session, the Client must pay a cancellation fee of £50. He/ She must also agree to pay the same amount of cash if no one is at home to let our cleaning team in; if there is a problem with the Client's key given; or in case there is no power or water available at Client`s property.
  • Hyper White may be liable for up to £100 in locksmith fees when the keys are lost. However, have in mind that the keys provided by the Client must open locks without any special efforts. If our team is not able to open the doors of the premises, the result will be a penalty charge of £50.
  • → Our company cannot be held responsible for: damage of upholstery where Clear Cleaning Instructions are not visible; shrinkage of carpets which are poorly fitted; cleaning session not completed due to lack of hot water; failing to remove permanent stains that cannot be handled by our standard proven cleaning methods; accidental damages caused by our cleaning team of £250 or less/ if the Client had an unpaid balance owed to Hyper White.
  • → The Client who would like to book regular domestic cleaning will be provided with such service only if there is currently an available local cleaner to accommodate the request. The regular domestic cleaning agreement can be terminated up to 14 days prior to the commencement of the service. If the Client fails to do so, he/ she will be liable for 50% of the price of the cleaning sessions.
  • → Have in mind that if the information about the size of the property provided by the Client is not correct, he/ she must agree to pay a revised price for the service provided. If the Client does not agree to do so and wants to cancel the session, he/ she must pay a penalty tax that equals to the initial price of the booking.