Carpet Cleaning

No matter if you need carpet cleaning in your home or office, feel free to take advantage of our top-notch, low-cost services. Hyper white is a leader on the market and we are proud of the large number of customers who give positive feedback about our performance and continue to rely on our service for other aspects of home maintenance as well.

Close up of vacuuming a carpet

Why Relying On Our Company Is the Best Choice?

If you want to book a procedure that meets all criteria of a professional cleaning service, contact us and arrange our team. They are available every day of the week and they are equipped with high-quality cleaning machines. Can a machine make a difference in the overall carpet cleaning performance and the end result? Of course it can! We mainly rely on steam cleaning machines that extract the dirt from the carpet but we as we also take care of more delicate materials, we use dry cleaning methods, too. The hot water eliminates the germs and your dull carpet looks like a brand new one in an hour or two. The dry cleaning approach relies on the use of a biodegradable compound that attracts dirt and bacteria. In addition, you can take advantage of a special protector that prevents liquids from settling into the fibres โ€“ย Scotchgard Protector. The usage of such a protector is recommended if you have kids, pets, or a busy household in general. All in all, booking a carpet cleaning service with us means you get:

  • The best price for the service provided
  • We team is dedicated, competent and hard-working
  • Our carpet cleaning procedures are done on site

You Need Your Upholstery Cleaned? We Will Help You That!

Our cleaners will vacuum the upholstery and treat any stains. Then, the hot water extraction or dry cleaning method will be applied in accordance with the nature of the fibres. The last step is adding a fresh scent and giving you final recommendations and advice about its maintenance! As we use the best cleaning machines, we always achieve impressive results and our clients are glad of their choice of a cleaning company. One of our virtues is the commitment to exceed customersโ€™ expectations!

Contact us on 020 3026 3804 and leave the rest to our professionals! They know how to be of service and make you one of our happy clients!